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Government Administration

Chief Adejumo uses Solo Mk II
A Chief uses a Solo computer for the first time.

Solo technology is simple to use and can be easily picked up without extensive training.

Government administration throughout the Developing World is too often branded as incompetent by those who do not understand the greater difficulties brought about by lack of access to mains electricity and a basic telephone network.

Using basic email communications on a Solo computer has two major advantages:

  • Messages are date/time stamped, providing a clear record of who requested an action and when.
  • The recipient need not be present in the office when the message is sent, thus enabling local chiefs and village elders to maintain their traditional face to face meetings with constituents in the area of administration.

A Solo computer can provide access to basic information of concern to the rural population including a list of their democratic rights, and documents to show which level of government is responsible for particular service provision. Forms to apply for grant aid, transport and export of goods can be stored and printed on demand as required.

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Solo prototype Mk II at primary school

Primary school

West Africa, June 2002. The head-teacher shows the junior pupils how to use a Solo computer.

Note the round grass-huts in the background.

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Education is still a luxury in the Developing World. Schools have few resources and books are much sought after.

Yet a computer link to another school in The West could bring so many benefits to both communities. Emails can be exchanged between pupils, and the comparisons of culture and environment would yield much educational enrichment. Solo technology bridges the digital divide, enabling communications to the most remote parts of the 3rd World.

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Solo prototype used by doctor
A doctor sends an email to a colleague abroad requesting medical literature, whilst a local Chief looks on.

Note the satellite telephone connection in right foreground.

It is often forgotten that most medical workers in the rural Third World are not from Western Aid Organisations, but rather indigenous staff, often struggling with poor access to the latest information or communications with colleagues.

Solo technology can bring the most up to date information to any clinician in the most remote parts of the world. Regular updates of medical data can be sent to hospitals using a small memory card. Most common file formats are supported on the Linux operating system including graphics.

With the addition of a digital camera, a doctor can also email photographs of casualties to other medical experts elsewhere in the world and seek advice.

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