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ExpLAN publishes printer driver software for use on the Acorn/RISC OS computer platform. Registered Developer

Most of these drivers require !Printers 1.64 or later, which may be downloaded from the website of RISCOS Ltd. The drivers are delivered within a utility called PrintControl which automatically installs the files into the correct places within !Printers. Thereafter PrintControl is used to issue non-printing administrative commands to the printer, such as is required to generate test pages, align print heads or flush blocked ink nozzles.

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PrintControl software

PrintControl is a utility to deliver driver software and issue administrative, non-printing commands direct to a printer. PrintControl logo

PrintCtrl screenshot

Within PrintControl there may be held a number of Descriptor files, of which a different one is required for each model of printer.

Descriptor files are currently available for the following models:


BJC-3000 /S400
BJC-6200 /S450 and BJC-6100
BJC-6500 /S4500
  • Hewlett Packard deskjet printers 

BJC-3000 controls


Single-user licence, PrintControl: £20 +VAT
per Descriptor: £10 +VAT
Site licence, incl tech-support; PrintControl: £40 +VAT
per Descriptor: £25 +VAT

Printers are normally sold with PrintControl and the appropriate Descriptor included within the price for single-user use, or a free Descriptor for site licence use.

Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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