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Verses that secure our salvation

There are certain verses in scripture that provide us with an assurance that we have indeed come to God as he requires us to and our salvation is secure.

Why might we need these verses?

I find it helpful to place such verses in an order which would be useful when speaking to others. The first ones on my list are those which show the existance of God and the latter ones establish the surity of salvation.

After all, there's no point in asking someone to talk to God unless he first understand who is the one he is praying to!

  1. Let's first establish the position of God and Jesus from John 3:16 - a verse that must trip off the tongue of all believers!
  2. So are there other gods or many ways to reach them? By no means - as it says in John 14:6 we can only approach the one true God through Jesus.
  3. So what is Jesus' response to us? See Rev 3:20. And what is his message to us, inviting us to come to him? Jn 3:3.
  4. Many at this point might believe that they are good enough to take this step, but check out [Rom 3:23]. You see if He really is God, and He's pure and holy, then we can hardly meet Him "dressed" as we are!
  5. But Jesus has made a way to overcome our guilt and the consequences of our sin. 1 Jn 2:2 - Yes! He has done it for us!
  6. The first step must be acknowledge that we need this help. 1 Jn 1:8-9 shows us not only where we are, but is a promise to us that Jesus has dealt with our sinful condition.
  7. Now to action! If we've followed this so far, and we want a relationship with God, then what must we do? Rom 10:9-10 tells. Make sure that you realise the power of speaking out words rather than just acknowledging something as a fact in your head.
  8. "But I feel such a fool talking into the air! Will God even hear me?" Of course He will... Jer 33:3; and your salvation is secured, Acts 2:21

Welcome to the Kingdom of God!

And don't forget his command and his promise Matt 28:19-20

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